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My Lovely Article Optimization Tools

Written by : masBuddy

moneygolddiamond – This page especially written for simplify my need when I want to optimize SERP and SEO an article, any opinion welcome…..

First : Keyword url suggestion

Post the article into blog/website you wish to post. Next, find the keyword url optimization by this adwords.google.com or other url keyword suggestion tool, and keep that keyword in notepad or such. Assure your web/blog copy protected first.

Second : Forum Post & Press Release

Watch out the best time to post the article in forums, usually right before afternoon meals and around four a clock.

http://downloadsparade.com/2011/07/free-list-of-press-release-sites.html check it your self.


yahoo answer

Third : Directory / Blog 



This article building suggestion have many link to apply.


Other different blog available you have created, but spin it before post or just write a different paragraph or two, for the advance, then put the refer url to main article.

Fourth : Social Bookmarking Tools

onlywire.com (see the “bookmark & share” widget, on the right side of my moneygolddiamond blog).

www.propeller.com as one of the best bookmark tool not available in onlywire.

Social local bookmarking sites, for me such as Lintas Berita and Infogue.

Fifth : Backlink Comment Suggestion

Use this link suggestion tool for making comment on other blogs/webs which the link refer to your article,

Sixth : Reciprocal and Copy Paste Link Watch



Happy optimizing !


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