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Natural Champagne Colored Diamonds in Jewelry


Beautiful, naturally
Champagne diamonds are the most exotic, fashionable and alluring of natural color diamonds. Champagne diamonds are the most exotic, fashionable and alluring of natural colored diamonds. With soft, radiant tones, and exquisite shades from light champagne to deep, rich cognac and brown, champagne diamonds radiate natural warmth, sophistication and beauty that make them the perfect accompaniment to one’s personal style.

The perfect gem for all occasions

The soft palettes of champagne diamonds create perfect fashion complements to white diamonds and other pieces of fine jewelry. Whatever mood you’re in — demur or dramatic — champagne diamonds are perfect for any time of day or night, any season of the year. Show off your individuality and natural style with sparkling champagne diamonds.

Champagne diamonds have caught the eye of lovers of fine jewelry and inspired the world’s leading jewelry designers with their glamor, color and versatility. Royalty and celebrities are captivated by the stunning and contemporary beauty of champagne diamonds. The walk up the red carpet is as much a showcase of sparkling natural colored champagnes diamonds as a who’s who of the silver screen.

These diamonds are fashionable, sexy and sophisticated, and my customers love them - Sandra Bérété French Jewelry Designer

The origins of champagne diamonds

Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in the spectacularly rugged and remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia is the world’s largest supplier of champagne diamonds. Here, geologists discovered veins of diamond-bearing ore in the Kimberley Plateau, a landscape of stark, stunning elemental beauty – the birthplace of champagne diamonds.

Champagne diamonds are formed deep in the earth and nurtured over billions of years under tremendous heat and pressure. The beautiful range of shades including cognac and brown emerge through the presence of trace elements and distortions in the diamond crystal. These elements react with radiation and pressure to bring out remarkable colors in the stone, as though these extraordinary gems have trapped the fires of molten rock within their crystals.

One in 10,000

Natural color diamonds are extremely rare: the physical conditions that color a diamond occur very scarcely, so much so that only one in 10,000 diamonds is a natural color diamond. A champagne diamond is to be treasured!

I love the rich colors….Bochic champagne diamond jewelry is for women who are emotionally driven, drawn to the culture and artistic integrity of the jewlry and inspired by exotic world destinations -  David Joseph, Bochic President and Co-Founder

More information

  • Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA): The preeminent public advocate for natural color diamonds. Its membership includes prominent rough color diamond producers, diamond and jewelry manufacturers and established diamond retailers. The NCDIA website at www.ncdia.com is a wealth of information about natural color diamonds.
  • Argyle Diamonds: The world’s largest producer of natural color diamonds is located in the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia.
  • The Champagne Diamond Blog: Champagne diamonds have caused quite a stir in the diamond jewelry market! Find out more about the current buzz surrounding champagne diamonds at the Champagne Diamond Blog.

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  1. My friend purchased a colored diamond from the owner of adamas wealth management his name is Jonathon Abramson he met with him and received the stone with him. My friend has since made over 50 000 dollars with his stone and is loving the investment

    Comment by stae93 | December 13, 2011 | Reply

    • great for him, hoping his investment grown up as he expected…

      Comment by NGD lover | December 21, 2011 | Reply

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