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When Time To Choose A Pink Diamond Comes to You…

  1. Discover Your Color Carefully.
    Since color is more important than size, many Natural Color Diamond jewelry designs feature diamonds of less than one carat but with intensity and range of color that is most appropriate and beautiful for the setting. As defined by the diamond trade industry, from lightest to darkest, these include: fancy light, dark, intense, deep and vivid. Colors fainter than fancy light would not be considered high quality.
    Beside of that, do look at the hues of pink. Often, a second color enriches a pink diamond, resulting in combinations such as orange pink, lilac pink or brownish pink.
    Consider about good steps to find or buy a good jewelry (you can find good artice how to buy diamond in http://diamondhelper.com).
  2. Don’t Buy If You Don’t See a Report From a Trust Major Gem Laboratory
    This will reassure you that you have a Natural Color Diamond with documented origin and authenticity
  3. Find The Price That Best Suite Your Budget
    Since all the natural color is very rare and expensive if compared with colorless diamond, its very helpful if you decide first how much you would like to spend. This helps you best research the jewelry diamond that might be within your reach, be realistic if come to the price.
  4. Purchase From A Knowledgeable Jeweler
    Make sure your jeweler is experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with Natural Color Diamonds. A an example of good retailer color diamond is available in NCDIA.com. to find a retailer who will help you make a Natural Color Diamond purchase that is right for your style and budget

Natural pink diamonds found in only a few mines in the world.

  1. The Rich Golconda River has come as a possible locate to the biggest diamond in the world has found, The Noor Ul Ain.
  2. Brazil and Tanzania all produced notable diamonds in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  3. Nowadays, the famous locate for the numbers of Pink Diamond found is the Argyle mine in north-western Australia, and especially for generating the hugely coveted fullbodied hot pink diamonds.

Article idea from here and NCDIA


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