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Brown Diamond

Brown diamonds are the new classic. Their golden tones make them a softer, gentler alternative to the colorless diamond, and their neutral color makes them the perfect choice for timeless jewelry with a contemporary, trendy feel.

Brown diamonds in shades from champagne to cognac are found in Australia, Africa and Siberia. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the world’s largest producer of these stones. At Argyle, brown diamonds are mined with anticipation and excitement. From the subtly elegant champagnes to the smooth, rich cognacs, brown diamonds are the new classic.

Royal factor
The world’s largest cut natural diamond is a dark rich champagne stone, the Golden Jubilee, which possesses a magnificence and mystery of its own. The Golden Jubilee, 545 carats, was offered to the King of Thailand to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ascension to the throne. Polishing the stone took no less than three years.

On The Red Carpet
Maria Menounos at the 2004 Oscars wearing her 3000 carat champagne diamond dress
At the Academy Awards, actress Cameron Diaz wore a 20 carat cognac-colored diamond with a Prada dress, while actress Jennifer Love-Hewitt flaunted a 7 carat brown diamond ring. Maria Menounos, E! reporter and Entertainment Tonight’s dazzling host for the 2004 Oscars became the most talkedabout celebrity with her sensational champagne diamond dress, created by haute designer Randi Rahm, embroidered with 2,000 brown diamonds totaling 3,000 carats and worth a staggering $2.5 million! As if that weren’t enough glam for the night, Menounos added a splendid 6 carat cognac diamond pendant. Mari Natsuki, Japan’s favorite movie star, swears by her brown rocks. Chic, sophisticated, understated and above all, unique, brown diamonds are the latest must-haves.

Cinnamon (pinkish-orangish brown)
Champagne (yellowish brown)
Chocolate (pure brown)

Dark and Deep
Cognac (greenish-orangish-yellowish brown)
Honey (yellowish-orangish brown)
Clove (olive brown)


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