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Diagram of How a Diamond Formed

further explanation of  How Do The Earth Form a Diamond ?

Below is a diagram that explain a vent or pipelike opening occurs just below  the mantle area where the extreme  molten material lay down.  A crack in the base of the mantle opens into the pipelike vent and the molten flow shoots upward under volcanic-like pressure carrying with it surrounding material containing the formed diamonds within it. This wondrous elevator ride to the surface carries diamonds in two types of magma – kimberlite and lamproite.

Process to be a nature rough diamond is hardly to estimate, scientist is just guessing up till now, nobody cannot say exactly how long the process takes. However, that if everything base material and condition considering well and ready , maybe it take only a mlittle time of days for carbon atoms to be transformed into such a rough diamond structure. But, when it come to a natural color diamonds, the times to make it will take millions, if not a billion, years .

below a natural diamond crystal (3mm) detritally formed in a well-cemented river conglomerate.

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